Since I am getting clients and followers on social medias from all over the world, I decided to make a page in English here on my website.

I hope this is to your satisfaction. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Who am I?

My name is Kicki Pettersson and I work as an Energy- and hypnosis therapist.

I help people who suffers from "emotional stress that has manifested physically", such as anxiety, depression, sleeping difficulties, fatigue, phobia, physical illnesses. This is also something I have personal experience of.

I suffered from all kinds of physical illnesses for many, many years and in January 2015 I had a stroke. Today I consider the stroke as a wonderful gift because it woke me up to make the changes I needed in life! Six months after the stroke I started my education to become a therapist, which is kind of ironic, I wanted to help and serve others but what I realised was that I had to help myself first.

Thanks to my education I started my inner journey, to get to know who I am, my true self. I have spent the last five years to learn more about myself intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Today, all my physical illnesses has disappeared. I found a way to heal and I am now dedicated to help others that are suffering the way I did. 

My services

Thanks to technology I am able to offer "Healing" and "Energy- and hypnosis" sessions online via Zoom. So wherever you live in the world, if you can't come to Lidingö, Sweden - let's meet up online.


30 min - 450 SEK, 60 min - 850 SEK, 90 min - 1.150 SEK, 120 min - 1.400 SEK

If you have any questions about my online sessions, send me an e-mail to Kicki@lifeenergy.se.

Online course - A way to heal

Are you suffering from emotional stress that has manifested physically? Then maybe this online course could be of interest. Available soon.